Semi framed steel and glass balustrade

The G2 semi-frameless balustrade design is one of the most elegant balustrade formats in the Arden catalogue.

Glass panels are surrounded by a full perimeter stainless or mild steel frame, with glazing channel top and bottom. Clear space between glass and frame is maintained laterally on each side. The frame and handrail is supported by stanchions (typically SHS or blade profile stainless / mild steel) interposed between each panel. The vertical frame members may be hard up again each side of the stanchion, or set-back by small off-stands (typically steel rod). The entire balustrade section may be capped with a handrail of any material and profile, and / or combined with an offset handrail. Finally, the semi-framed panels may be fixed to the treads / structural floor, fixed to a stringer such as a PFC, or face fixed to the stringer or treads.

All implementations of the G2 tend to share a sense of luxury and even opulence. This is demonstrated by the some of the featured images, where crisp white stone, American Oak and built in lights accentuate the effect. Even when the materials chosen are restricted to only stainless steel and glass, the interactions of geometry between the various components create a fine, intricate impression.


In this balustrade style, the glass component is infill glass with continuous support on the top and bottom edges. The continuous support of the glass (as opposed to patch fittings, being point loads) allows the specification of the laminated glass as infill glass, although toughened and toughened laminate could also be used. Arden suggests standard methods for approaching both the glazing channel frames and the blade stanchion supports. Some variation in the specific glazing profile and stanchion dimensions may be made for aesthetic or engineering considerations, depending on the specific properties of each project. Handrail fixing is always offset from the stanchion, either vertically or horizontally. Handrail profile style may be selected from Arden technical document A.4 ‘Handrail profiles’ or a custom profile may be specified.


Arden Architectural is a BSA licensed contractor for carpentry, joinery, glass, glazing and aluminium as well as structural metal fabrication and erection. Arden supplies a Form 16 (Licensed Contractor) on all projects. In design and construct contracts, a Form 15 (Design Engineer) certification is supplied upon request. For products and services incorporating this design element, the table below details compliance with relevant codes and standards.

Title Applicability
BCA The Building Code of Australia Full compliance
AS NZS 1170.1-2002 Structural Design Actions – Permanent, imposed and other actions Full compliance
AS 1288-2006 Glass in Buildings. Selection and installation Full compliance
AS NZS 1554.1-2004 Structural steel welding - Welding of steel structures Full compliance
AS 1554.6-1994 Welding stainless steels for structural purposes Full compliance
AS NZS 4586-2004 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials Not applicable
AS 1428.1-2001 Design for access and mobility Full compliance
AS 1657-1992 Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders. Design,
construction and installation
Full compliance