Fully framed glass panels

The G1 is a fully framed balustrade solution suiting a refined and deliberate architectural style.

Rather than minimising the impact of the balustrade, as frameless systems do, the G1 emphasises and enhances the balustrade lines to generate its own design feature. Characterised by flatness of profile and continuity of line, the panel frames define their own discrete collection of geometric shapes that relate logically to the lines of the staircase or void-edge. Point details are excluded in favour of vertical, horizontal, and raking lines. The lineal perimeters of the panels are further defined by recessed stanchions in the vertical, and angle details are introduced at the interaction / transition points between raking and level sections. The final result is a balustrade solution that contributes to a polished and sophisticated architectural impression.

Many architects specify the G1 in order to create coherence with the surrounding architectural features, since windows and internal glass walls in most commercial fit-outs are generally framed. The G1 frame profile and materials may be specified to maximum coherence with the surrounding architectural components. The specification of the framing method and materials of the G2 may be modified to maximise similarity with nearby structures, so as to integrate the staircase or balustrade closely with the wider design.


Because glass panels are fully framed, glass specifications can be reduced to as low as 6-8mm laminated safety glass, resulting is less expenditure on the glass component. The G1 is defined by a fabricated frame around the full perimeter of each balustrade panel. Panels are typically glass, but other applicable glazing mediums can be used, including polycarbonate -based glazing plastics, Perspex, steel mesh or sheet metal. These frames are then fixed to stanchions positioned between panels, and to a recessed mounting strip that is itself fixed to the stringer or structural floor surface. Handrail may be mounted from stanchions (which maintains compliance with 1428 disability code), or the framing at the top edge of each panel may be modified to create an effective timber or steel handrail.


Arden Architectural is a BSA licensed contractor for carpentry, joinery, glass, glazing and aluminium as well as structural metal fabrication and erection. Arden supplies a Form 16 (Licensed Contractor) on all projects. In design and construct contracts, a Form 15 (Design Engineer) certification is supplied upon request. For products and services incorporating this design element, the table below details compliance with relevant codes and standards.

Title Applicability
BCA The Building Code of Australia Full compliance
AS NZS 1170.1-2002 Structural Design Actions – Permanent, imposed and other actions Full compliance
AS 1288-2006 Glass in Buildings. Selection and installation Full compliance
AS NZS 1554.1-2004 Structural steel welding - Welding of steel structures Full compliance
AS 1554.6-1994 Welding stainless steels for structural purposes Full compliance
AS NZS 4586-2004 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials Not applicable
AS 1428.1-2001 Design for access and mobility Full compliance
AS 1657-1992 Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders. Design,
construction and installation
Full compliance