Timber stairs

Timber stairs combine warmth, light, and space.
Timber simultaneously absorbs and reflects light, making it an exceptionally rich building material. By integrating interactive lighting elements into the design, timber hardwood stairs often create a passageway that is warm and intimate.

Arden’s rapid installation of five double rise timber stairs in the Telstra One Corporate Offices is a testament to the firm’s incredible skills in both design and execution. Arden understands how to design effective timber stairs by balancing the natural intimate feeling of wood with the refreshing feeling of unconstrained space.

See some examples of our Timber Stairs

imber Stair Sciacca Lawyers Offices
When openness and natural light are the priority for these timber stairs.
Timber Stair Queensland Tennis Centre
Proportionally significant, powerful in design.
We do not have a Design Element specifically for timber stairs. See our gallery of Timber Stairs