Steel truss stairs

Steel truss stairs exude strength and reliability.
The bold look of steel truss stairs does not go unnoticed. Recommended for spaces that embrace forceful interior design, steel truss stairs galvanize attention with their blatant physical presence. Many steel truss stairs are engineered primarily to support heavy use while conveying a sense of security to those who use them.

Arden prizes refinement and spatial synchronicity in all of its steel truss stairs. However, Arden balances this intrinsic need for environmental harmony with the ability to satisfy those clients who want the appearance of a visually aggressive but safety-conscious design.

See some examples of our Steel Truss Stairs

alt text goes here FKP Inn on the Park
Highly polished engineering design of steel truss stairs.
alt text goes here Telstra One Corporate Offices
Beneath the vast and angular timber facades, a steel truss provides necessary support to span this cavity.

Design elements suiting steel truss stairs

alt text T1 - Feature truss staircase
Eliminating the traditional distinctions between stringer, handrail and stanchion, the T1 utilises a truss design for all three roles
alt text T2 - Clad truss staircase
Truss construction methods have natural application to commercial-scale staircase designs, but are still relatively uncommon