Steel stairs

Rigid, stunning, crisp: steel stairs add definition to their environment.
Steel can be cut and shaped into virtually any form. The integral strength of the material allows steel stairs to display their exceptional beauty as compact structural elements. Spaces that are searching for a unique unifying element benefit tremendously from steel stairs.

Because of steel’s intrinsic architectural efficiency, Arden’s design team has designed steel stairs for dozens of different clients throughout the years. Arden’s thorough studies of the space prior to installation result in steel stairs that summarize and amplify the core feeling and attitudes of their surroundings.

See some examples of our Steel Stairs

Steel Stair Motor Oztul Warehouse Offices
These steel stairs are refined from the rough styles of an industrial age.
Steel Stair South Side Industrial Warehouse
A versatile, contemporary staircase of steel.

Design elements suiting steel stairs

alt text X1 - Inline laser cut plate steel stringer
A recurrent theme in modern design is to let the structure speak for itself, and X1 staircase stringer design is an example of how effective this can be in creating visual appeal
alt text T1 - Feature truss staircase
Eliminating the traditional distinctions between stringer, handrail and stanchion, the T1 utilises a truss design for all three roles
alt text W4 - Winged steel blades and glass
The W4 stanchions are an implementation of a toughened glass balustrade solution incorporating the PF10/PF12 Arden system patch fittings on horizontal outriggers
alt text Z1 - Zigzag plate steel stringer
At Arden, we believe that the zigzag steel stringer design is the basis for some of the strongest architectural statements that can be made with a feature staircase