Stair safety

Stair safety is an integral part of Arden’s design.
Australia’s building codes mandate safety requirements for every new stair project. Architects can respond to these codes by creatively incorporating the technical requirements into their design and producing safe and visually appealing stairs.

Compliance with BCA codes and a professional commitment to producing the highest standards of stair safety are consistent markers of Arden’s design philosophy. All of Arden’s stairs have continuous handrails and appropriate tread spacing and height to ensure a safe climb.

Projects where stair safety was an important consideration

safe balustrade Capalaba Cinema staircase
Balustrade in cinemas such as these must comply all disability and mobility standards, and also cope with high potential loads.
alt text goes here SMEC Corporate Offices
Strong colour adds audacity to a simple design while adding safety to these stairs.
We do not have a Design Element specifically for stair safety. See our gallery of Stone Stairs