Stair landings

A stair with landings provides graceful levels between flights.
Landings offer a moment to stop, pause, gather breath, and simply enjoy one’s surroundings. A wonderful way to break a long climb, landings are also an opportunity to take in the staircase and the space as a whole. A stair with landings adds depth and encourages contemplation.

Whether in a scissor stair configuration, a gradual, multi-level ascent, or as part of a custom stair form, Arden has amassed considerable experience designing stairs with landings. By extensively observing the characteristics of the space, Arden designs the landings to maximize the available light and provide the best vantage points. Arden’s landings can be minimal, or incorporate lighting and other features.

See some examples of our Stair Landings

Stair Landing SMEC Corporate Offices
Strong colour adds audacity to a simple stair landing design.
Stair Landing Sunshine Coast Residence 2
A great example of a cantilevering stair landing

Design elements suiting stairs with landings

alt text M1 - Closed mono stringer stair design
Almost a decade ago, Arden streamlined the domestic mono-stringer design for broad application in the Australian market, and with good reason this staircase format has become an industry standard.
alt text P1 - Clad structural steel stringer
The P1 staircase design embraces a particularly broad range of visual styles, since it is defined by a structural PFC stringer frame entirely clad in other materials.
alt text T2 - Clad truss staircase
Truss construction methods have natural application to commercial-scale staircase designs, but are still relatively uncommon.