Stair installation

Stair installation helps to define a space without overwhelming it.
Puzzles must be solved by carefully fitting pieces together. Similarly, successful stair installations are created by carefully considering and balancing several different factors. This personalised mixture creates a stair installation that is integrated seamlessly into its environment.

The stair installations in Arden’s portfolio appear as if they grew there organically. Precise observation of spatial constrains, the types of decorative elements already present in the environment, and the client’s desired creative direction combine to form Arden’s individual stair installations.

See some examples of our Stair Installations

Stair installation by Arden Murphy Schmidt Solicitors Offices
Free standing zigzag stair fully installed on-site
Stair installation by Arden name of project goes here
"The Bird Cage". Stair installation on a residential roof-top.
We do not have a Design Element specifically for stair installations. See our gallery of Architectural Staircase Designs