Scissor stairs

The sharp, crisp design of scissor stairs acts as a sculptural element.
Scissor stairs are generally composed of two main flights of stairs which meet at a landing, forming a ‘U’ shape when viewed from above. This stair configuration has a sculptural dimension; striking effects can be achieved by arranging the materials in different degrees of opacity, reflectivity, and texture.

Arden has extensive experience designing scissor stairs with a u-shaped configuration. Each of Arden’s installations functions as a sculptural piece without trumping the surrounding visual harmonics of the space. The precise design of the scissor stairs makes for enjoyable views from virtually any angle.

See some examples of our Scissor Stairs (U-Shaped)

Scissor Stairs Brisbane Residence 04
This scissor staircase is a fundamental key to this display home.
Scissor Stairs Queensland Tennis Centre
Proportionally significant, powerful in design.

Design elements suiting Scissor stairs (U-Shaped)

alt text M2 - Open steel mono stringer
The open tread mono-stringer is now an industry standard, due in no small part to Arden Architectural Staircases’ optimising this design solution.
alt text W4 - Winged steel blades and glass
The W4 stanchions are an implementation of a toughened glass balustrade solution incorporating the PF10/PF12 Arden system patch fittings on horizontal outriggers.
alt text P2 - Feature PFC stringer
Structural steel members are surprisingly graceful and have a beauty all of their own.