PFC stairs

PFC stairs enable architects and clients to fully explore their creative impulses.
By incorporating what is referred to as a Parallel Flange Channel (PFC) structural steel member onto the stair's stringer, richly textured staircase designs are possible. The PFC members may either be clad in material or left exposed. Perfect for building slightly more experimental or intricate forms, PFC stairs are suitable for nearly any space.

The PFC stairs designed by Arden in the Tarong Energy Corporate Offices are an excellent display of this feature. Complex effects can be easily achieved with Arden’s PFC stairs. Landings may also be incorporated, while different balustrade styles and riser and tread couplings provide appropriate degrees of light and transparency.

See some examples of our PFC Stairs

alt text goes here AECOM Corporate Office
These PFC stairs speak for themselves.
alt text goes here Technology One Corporate Offices
These PFC stairs have a combination of clean lines and rich timber.

Design elements suiting PFC stairs

alt text P1 - Clad structural steel stringer
The P1 staircase design embraces a particularly broad range of visual styles, since it is defined by a structural PFC stringer frame entirely clad in other materials
alt text P2 - Feature PFC stringer
Structural steel members are surprisingly graceful and have a beauty all of their own