Office stairs

Stylish yet efficient office stair design enhances productivity, circulation, and creativity.
The best office environments are designed to facilitate creativity, which leads to higher productivity. Office stairs must efficiently address circulation issues and provide visual stimulation to effectively bring together the different levels of a company into one central core.

Arden’s office stairs showcase an ability to efficiently distill the character of a particular business into a beautiful and engaging structure. From an engineering firm to a law office to an industrial design company, Arden’s office stairs integrate and compliment the existing elements and attitudes of each environment while encouraging the circulation of people and new ideas. Arden’s precise material selection creates dynamic office stairs in any space.

See some examples of our Office Stair Projects

office stair Cardno corporate offices
Rich timber hues and industrial steel climb through a column of glass in this office stair.
office stair Da Vinci Precinct - Industrial Development Offices
Dramatic design of glass, steel and timber compliments this grand office staircase.

Design elements suiting office style stairs

Steel staircase C4: Steel SHS stanchions with glass panel infill on clasps
The Arden C4 balustrade system offers the flexibility and simplicity to complement almost any staircase and balustrade configuration, resulting in a clean, crisp and modern finish.
Modern staircase H6: Half-height steel blades with glass
Combining stainless steel half-height stanchions with structural toughened glass, the H6 system represents a strikingly modern balustrade design.