Mono-stringer stairs

The bold structural presence of mono-stringer stairs translates into a signature style.
Mono-stringer stairs utilize a central structural element that allows for numerous inventive visual variations. Depending on whether the stairs are closed or open, the mono-stringer can be visually supportive without aesthetically overwhelming other staircase elements.

Arden’s projects involving mono-stringer stairs display the firm’s affinity for creating compelling and unique staircases while effectively realizing the benefits of a fully integrated structural element. Stylistically, mono-stringer stairs are defined by the precisely articulated line of the underlying stringer, yet no two stairs look exactly alike.

See some examples of our mono-stringer stairs

mono-stringer stairs Rowland Corporate Offices
Simple lines and modest design unite in this pleasing mono-stringer stair
alt text goes here Sunshine Coast Residence 07
A carefully considered and slightly un-conventional mono-stringer design.

Design elements suiting mono stringer stairs

alt text M1 - Closed steel mono stringer
Almost a decade ago, Arden streamlined the domestic mono-stringer design for broad application in the Australian market, and with good reason this staircase format has become an industry standard
alt text M2 - Open steel mono stringer
The open tread mono-stringer is now an industry standard, due in no small part to Arden Architectural Staircases’ optimising this design solution