Modern stairs

Vitality, personality, and innovation inform the design of modern stairs.
Modern staircases utilize materials that create excitement. Contrasts in color, materials and linear patterns produce vivid structures that energize the space. This essential modern dynamic design principle can be applied to any specific staircase form, whether closed, open, cantilevered, circular, spiral, or scissor-shaped.

Arden’s modern stairs are an engaging display of the firm’s innovative design work. By exploring unusual combinations of both form and material, Arden has produced singular modern stair installations that have garnered widespread recognition.

See some examples of our Modern Stairs

alt text goes here AECOM Corporate Office
These modern stairs speak for themselves.
alt text goes here Arup Corporate Offices
A dramatically modern, detailed creation of steel and glass.

Design elements suiting modern stairs

alt text X1 - Inline laser cut plate steel stringer
A recurrent theme in modern design is to let the structure speak for itself, and X1 staircase stringer design is an example of how effective this can be in creating visual appeal
alt text M1 - Closed steel mono stringer
Almost a decade ago, Arden streamlined the domestic mono-stringer design for broad application in the Australian market, and with good reason this staircase format has become an industry standard
alt text P1 - Clad structural steel stringer
The P1 staircase design embraces a particularly broad range of visual styles, since it is defined by a structural PFC stringer frame entirely clad in other materials