Industrial stairs

Precisely articulated design elevates industrial stairs into tough yet dynamic works of art.
The unusual challenges of an industrial environment require an exacting approach. Stairs must perform under these same standards, balancing aesthetic considerations with appropriately executed structural engineering.

Arden’s portfolio of industrial stair work is a study of the meticulous integration of challenging structural demands and show-stopping elegance. The industrial stairs designed for the Da Vinci Precinct demonstrate Arden’s ability to incorporate rigorous strength while producing a compelling appearance. Arden pays particular attention to how materials come together to complement the individual industrial environment. By informing the design with suitable historical and contemporary references, each industrial staircase evinces structural and aesthetic integrity.

See some examples of our Industrial Stairs

Industrial Stair Motor Oztul Warehouse Offices
Refined from the rough styles of an industrial age
 Industrial Stair Da Vinci Precinct - Industrial Offices
Dramatic design of glass, steel and timber in these industrial offices.

Design elements suiting Industrial stairs

alt text P2 - Feature PFC stringer
Structural steel members are surprisingly graceful and have a beauty all of their own.
alt text X1 - Inline laser cut plate steel stringer
A recurrent theme in modern design is to let the structure speak for itself, and X1 staircase stringer design is an example of how effective this can be in creating visual appeal