Glass stairs

Arden introduces colour, light, and unexpected dimension to glass stairs.
The term ‘glass’ often calls to mind transparency. However, glass stairs can incorporate different colours and textures to create stunning and complex forms.

Arden’s glass stairs owe their extraordinary visual appeal partly to the way that light interacts with the glass. By performing meticulous observations of the space prior to designing the staircase, Arden utilizes natural light patterns to highlight and enrich the presentation of the glass stairs. With the incorporation of structurally toughened glass and other rig

See some examples of our Glass Stairs

Glass Stairs Sunshine Coast Residence 06
Clearly, a fantastic design using glass as treads.

Design elements suiting glass stairs

alt text T1 - Feature truss staircase
Eliminating the traditional distinctions between stringer, handrail and stanchion, the T1 utilises a truss design for all three roles.
alt text Z2 - Zigzag mono stringer
A shimmering geometric monolith in stainless steel, the Z2 immediately commands attention.
alt text F0 - Glazing channel cantilevered glass
The F0 cantilevered glass design allows boundaries to be defined with minimal interruption to the visual aesthetics of a build.