Form 16 stair certification

Form 16 stair certification is required for all commercial and residential projects.
The BSA’s Form 16 stair certification covers different aspects of building work for commercial and residential projects. In the instance of staircases, Form 16 focuses on certain areas of staircase implementation and design, such as how materials are joined, formed, and assembled.

By virtue of having BSA licensing in the fields of stainless steel, carpentry, joinery, glazing and structural steel, Arden is able to complete Form 16 stair certification on all of its projects.

See some examples of our Certified Stairs

form 16 certified project Home Of The Year By Oceanic Construction
Issuing Form 16 certification was a matter of course in this Bali style balustrade project.
form 16 certified project Flow Residential Apartments
Swift form 16 certification was required in this project in an apartment foyer.
We do not have a Design Element specifically for stair certification. See our gallery of Industrial Stairs