Form 15 stair certification

BSA Form 15 stair certification is required for all commercial projects.
The Building Services Authority requires all commercial staircase projects in Australia to complete a Form 15 design certificate. A licensed independent consulting engineer must complete and sign off on the form.

To complete the form, Arden can provide the names of several reputable independent consulting engineers. Alternatively, Arden is amenable to working with project engineers recommended by the client. Arden’s team of licensed, experienced craftsmen, joiners, glaziers, stainless steel fabricators and other fully accredited tradesmen makes Form 15 stair certification easy to obtain.

See some examples of our Certified Staircases

alt text goes here Queensland Academy for Creative Industries
Strength, beauty and practicality can co-exist.
alt text goes here State Library of Queensland
Simple and attractive.
We do not have a Design Element specifically for stair certification. See our gallery of Circular Stairs