External stairs

Designed to withstand the seasons while welcoming visitors, external stairs are sturdy and inviting.
Homes and office buildings benefit from having a formal entry. External stairs often serve as this formal entry, and play a significant role in setting a tonal mood for the rest of the structure. To achieve the best effect, external stairs should not only be easy to climb, but they should also visually compliment and enhance the rest of the structure.

Arden produces external staircases that welcome visitors by putting them at ease. Arden’s external stair installations incorporate styles as diverse as Balinese design, while sturdy construction and the use of durable materials allows the stairs to stand up to every type of weather.

See some examples of our External Stairs

alt text goes here Brisbane Residence 01
"The Bird Cage"A great example of one of our external stairs perched on the roof top of a Brisbane based home.
alt text goes here Home of the year by Oceanic
Bali by design, a study in resort living for these external stairs that weave through the grounds of this award winning home.

Design elements suiting external stairs

alt text P2 - Feature PFC stringer
Structural steel members are surprisingly graceful and have a beauty all of their own
alt text Z1 - Zigzag plate steel stringer
At Arden, we believe that the zigzag steel stringer design is the basis for some of the strongest architectural statements that can be made with a feature staircase