Custom stairs

Forget off-the-shelf: Arden designs custom stairs.
Stairs are not merely a device to join levels. They are the structural embodiment of an individual space and culture. Custom staircases capture the unique character of an environment in precisely delineated design.

Arden welcomes clients who want to express ideas and pioneer new forms through custom stair design. The firm embraces challenges and enjoys creating individual installations that represent each particular environment. Custom stairs offer Arden’s clients the opportunity to realize their vision.

See some examples of our custom stair projects

Custom Stair QIC Corporate Offices
A custom staircase to create a study of contradiction and personality
Custom Stair Hassell Architects Offices
A complex and beautiful custom stair project.

Design elements suiting custom design stairs

alt text P1 - Clad structural steel stringer
The P1 staircase design embraces a particularly broad range of visual styles, since it is defined by a structural PFC stringer frame entirely clad in other materials.
alt text P2 - Feature PFC stringer
Structural steel members are surprisingly graceful and have a beauty all of their own.
alt text T2 - Clad truss staircase
Truss construction methods have natural application to commercial-scale staircase designs, but are still relatively uncommon