Contemporary stairs

By pushing the boundaries of design, contemporary stairs challenge convention while fostering creative innovation.
Advances in technology have correspondingly translated into stunning and structurally sound contemporary stair designs. A client’s imagination is now virtually the only limitation.

Years of pioneering design work and creative material assemblages have earned Arden recognition among the architectural community. By approaching each staircase without preconceptions as to what stairs are, but rather what they can be, Arden has designed an extensive portfolio of contemporary stairs remarkable both for their structural and visual innovations. From Arden’s inventive use of the mono stringer to their trademark ‘zigzag’ stair stringer, each set of contemporary stairs combines distinct elements to create staircases unique to each environment.

See some examples of our Contemporary Staircases

Contemporary Stair David Reid - Display Home
A contemporary, stylish and simple staircase.
Contemporary Stair Brisbane Residence 04
This contemporary staircase is a fundamental key to this display home.

Design elements suiting contemporary stairs

alt text Z2 - Zigzag mono stringer
A shimmering geometric monolith in stainless steel, the Z2 immediately commands attention
alt text T1 - Feature truss staircase
Eliminating the traditional distinctions between stringer, handrail and stanchion, the T1 utilises a truss design for all three roles
alt text X1 - Inline laser cut plate steel stringer
A recurrent theme in modern design is to let the structure speak for itself, and X1 staircase stringer design is an example of how effective this can be in creating visual appeal