Closed stairs

Closed stairs create a solid presence that is both powerful and refined.
Structurally impermeable yet pleasing to the eye, closed stairs can be designed in a contemporary or traditional style. While they are ideally suited for environments with classic décor, closed stairs can also enliven a contemporary space by serving as a powerful sculptural element.

Arden’s closed stair installations transport lawyers, engineers, tennis players, and art lovers from one level to the next. With a closed stair design, Arden emphasises the elegance and natural sculptural form of the stairs while simultaneously creating a feeling of permanence and stability.

See some examples of our Closed Stairs

alt text goes here Rowland Corporate Offices
Simple lines and modest design unite, offering a beautifully understated closed tread stairway.
alt text goes here Arrow Energy Corporate Offices
A centrepiece of stacked timber boxes, shiplap lining and glass creating a closed staircase.

Design elements suiting Closed stairs

alt text M1 - Closed steel mono stringer
Almost a decade ago, Arden streamlined the domestic mono-stringer design for broad application in the Australian market, and with good reason this staircase format has become an industry standard
alt text T2 - Clad truss staircase
Truss construction methods have natural application to commercial-scale staircase designs, but are still relatively uncommon