Circular stairs

The graceful curvature of Arden's circular stairs enhances each space.
Tracing the ascending curves of a circular staircase is fundamentally relaxing, regardless of the material that comprises the curve. Circular stairs fit best in those spaces that wish to engender feelings of contemplation or peace, such as domestic environments or specialised offices.

Arden has amassed considerable experience in designing circular stairs. By designing the curves to interact with their natural surroundings, Arden’s circular stairs form ephemeral spatial landscapes of light and shadow, reflecting off the materials of the staircase to create almost endless visual variations.

See some examples of our Circular Stairs

alt text goes here Sunshine Coast Residence 04
A circular design that is uncomplicated and clear-cut.
alt text goes here Euromarque Automotive Showroom
A sinuous ribbon of glass winds delicately around a dramatic steel tower.

Design elements suiting circular stairs

alt text Z2 - Zigzag mono stringer
A shimmering geometric monolith in stainless steel, the Z2 immediately commands attention
alt text M1 - closed steel mono stringer
Almost a decade ago, Arden streamlined the domestic mono-stringer design for broad application in the Australian market, and with good reason this staircase format has become an industry standard