Cantilevered stairs

Cantilevered stairs create a floating effect by being seemingly suspended in mid-air.
Frank Lloyd Wright achieved notable visual effects in structures such as Falling water with the aid of cantilevering. By designing treads so they appear to need no structural support, cantilevered stairs serve as an attention grabbing visual element.

Whether designed out of polished wood or stainless steel, Arden’s cantilevered stairs invigorate the imagination while remaining dedicated to structural integrity. The graceful and unhindered progression of Arden’s free standing treads creates a sense of lightness and space difficult to replicate in traditional staircase design. Arden achieves this effect by placing stringers in the supporting wall and artfully using light enhancing balustrades to preserve an astonishing visual presence.

See some examples of our Cantilevered Stairs

alt text goes here North Brisbane Residence 04
An extraordinary cantilevered stair structure to the entrance of this stunning home.
alt text goes here Sunshine Coast Residence 02
A great example of a cantilevering stair.
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