BCA compliant stairs

BCA compliant stairs adhere to relevant building codes.
The Building Certifiers of Australia require all building projects to meet a series of codes. For staircases, these codes regulate accessibility, safety, and technical material standards.

Arden’s design elements are created to emphasise safety and structural integrity, subsequently meeting all codes to ensure that each project is BCA compliant. Arden addresses each section of the code with fully detailed technical papers that describe how individual design elements conform to these standards.

See some examples of our BCA compliant projects

bca compliant stair North Brisbane Residence 04
Bringing the necessary expertise ensures that ensuring cantilevered stairs like these are fully BCA compliant.
bca compliant stair North Lakes Library
Ensuring full BCA compliance is particularly important in public buildings like this.
We do not have a Design Element specifically for BCA compliant stairs. See our gallery of External stairs