Architectural stairs

Architectural stairs are a synergy of structural engineering and style articulated through carefully chosen materials.
Architectural stairs are more than just a collection of stringers, treads, risers and balustrades. Each element conveys a different mood. Much like a piece of music, arranging these elements to create a beautiful whole requires expertise.

Arden designs architectural stairs that enhance and deepen each client’s space by carefully studying the physical composition of the environment. Whether the space is commercial or residential, Arden’s architectural stairs enhance natural light, support and ease circulation, and serve as beautiful decorative elements. With each new staircase commission, Arden selects materials that will not only provide for all structural requirements, but for an enduring aesthetic appreciation.

See some examples of our Architectural Staircases

Architectural Staircase Tarong Energy Corporate Offices
An architectural structure of elegance and grace.
Architectural Stair AECOM Corporate Office
This architectural stair design speak for themselves.

Design elements suiting Architectural staircases

alt text Z1 - Zigzag plate steel stringer
At Arden, we believe that the zigzag steel stringer design is the basis for some of the strongest architectural statements that can be made with a feature staircase.
alt text Z2 - Zigzag mono stringer
A shimmering geometric monolith in stainless steel, the Z2 immediately commands attention.
alt text T2 - Clad truss staircase
Truss construction methods have natural application to commercial-scale staircase designs, but are still relatively uncommon.