AS 1657 compliant stairs

Code compliance inspires beautiful staircase design.
Australia’s AS 1657 building code regulates the design, construction and installation of walkways, ladders, fixed platforms, and stairways. The code guarantees that safety and technical requirements are met to ensure a stable structure.

Adhering to the AS 1657 building code while creating stunning staircase designs is one of Arden’s areas of expertise. Numerous installations, including the staircase in The Rowland Corporate offices, demonstrate how Arden satisfies the building code while creating a compelling physical structure. Arden employs a rigorous design process which allows each staircase to meet these requirements without looking constrained.

See some examples of our Compliant Satircases

alt text goes here Canturi Jewellers
Black and curvaceous, an elegant creation for these compliant stairs.
alt text goes here MacMahon Corporate Offices
Contrast emphasises a simple design for this compliant staircase.
We do not have a Design Element specifically for AS 1657 compliant stairs. See our gallery of Contemporary Stairs