AS 1428.1 compliant stairs

AS 1428.1 compliant stairs meet the design standards for access and mobility.
Building code AS 1428.1 governs general accessibility for all new building work in Australia. When applied to stairs, AS 1428.1 maintains safety and accessibility for stair climbers by requiring designers to include a continuous handrail.

Arden’s projects feature AS 1428.1 compliant stair design. Each one of Arden’s installations is carefully crafted to provide accessibility as specified in the BCA codes.

See some examples of Compliant Stairs

alt text goes here Capalaba Cinema Staircase
It was very important to have this cinema staircase be compliant with all BCA standards.
alt text goes here Hassell Architects Corporate Office
This staircase and balustrade design is as complex as it is beautiful.
We do not have a Design Element specifically for AS 1428.1 compliant stairs. See our gallery of Spiral Stairs