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Whether taking the form of a stone spiral or a scissor-shaped timber and steel centerpiece, stairs offer virtually limitless design possibilities.
From steel, glass, timber and stone, Arden has created stunning stairs for both residential and commercial applications. Each set of stairs reflects the individual character of its setting — no two stairs look alike. Arden’s stair designs interact with light and their environment to produce forms that are both visually arresting and structurally sound. Arden combines transparency, opacity, reflectivity and meticulousness to create stairs that are fluid and sculptural, strong and flexible, and always a joy to climb.
Contemporary, traditional, classic, open, closed, cantilevered: whatever stair style you can imagine, Arden is ready to create a customised design.
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From timber clad in Blackbutt shiplap lining to the sheen of stainless steel, appropriate material selection defines mood and tone.
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Spiral-shaped, circular, curved, open, closed, cantilevered: whatever stair design you can imagine, Arden is ready to create a customised installation.
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Arden provides a full roster of services-from custom stair design to fabrication, installation, and certification.
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