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From the commercial to the contemporary, balustrades provide striking vantage points and exquisitely defined boundaries.
Architectural balustrade
An architectural balustrade incorporates quality, style, and innovation.
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Commercial balustrade
Arden’s commercial balustrades prioritize safety and easy circulation.
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Modern balustrade
Modern balustrades are playful without being ostentatious.
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Contemporary balustrade
Sophisticated materials converge to create contemporary balustrades.
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Office balustrade
Efficient office balustrades encourage an interactive flow.
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Classic balustrade
Classic balustrades embody structural refinement and character.
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Industrial balustrade
Industrial balustrades are a balance of finesse and rigidity.
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Traditional balustrade
A traditional balustrade provides elegant structural support.
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Restaurant balustrade
Restaurant balustrades should be inviting and secure.
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