Wooden balustrade

Wooden balustrades balance solidity with lightness.
A wooden balustrade lends warmth and perceived solidity to a staircase. Either divided up into individual vertical pieces or designed as one continuous panel, a wooden balustrade provides a soothing, stable presence.

Despite wood’s natural opacity, Arden’s wooden balustrades often feel relatively light and open. Arden achieves this effect by carefully engaging with the balustrade’s existing surroundings. When exposed to light, Arden’s wooden balustrades produce a warm glow, which inspires feelings of security. Each Arden balustrade balances the structural demands of the stairs with a greater aesthetic appreciation of the space.

See some examples of our Wooden Balustrades

alt text goes here Oceanic Construction's - Home of The Year
Bali by design, these wooden balustrades are a study in resort living.
alt text goes here Telstra One Corporate Offices
Vast and angular wooden facades dominate this space.

Design elements suiting wooden balustrades

alt text V1 - Vertical timber battens on stainless steel frame
The use of wide vertical batten patterns is a classic design technique, introducing subtle optical rhythms into any space as perspective effects alter the apparent profile of the repetitive pattern