Traditional balustrade

A traditional balustrade provides elegant structural support.
Traditional balustrades enhance their surroundings by delineating spaces while providing a stable, reliable structure. Although traditional balustrades can be curved or linear, the finest examples are always understated blends of precision and artistry.

During the years Arden has practiced architecture, the firm has installed dozens of traditional balustrades in offices, homes, and other commercial spaces. From the spare aesthetics of the Canturi Jewellers Project installation to the sumptuous and refined balustrade in a private Brisbane residence, Arden understands how to design a balustrade that effortlessly incorporates safety, style and tradition.

See some examples of our Traditional Balustrades

alt text goes here WHK Horwarth Corporate Offices
Emphasising the natural beauty of timber.
We do not have a Design Element specifically for traditional balustrades. See our gallery of Traditional Balustrades