Timber balustrade

By playing with optical effects, timber balustrades create movement.
Like the alluring light and shadow of a passing sunlit forest, timber balustrades facilitate the impression of texture, depth, and movement. By virtue of how the eye interacts with regularly situated vertical balustrades, the timber seems to shift and undulate.

The dazzling array of timber balustrades on display at The North Lakes library is courtesy of Arden’s extensive experience with the element. Primarily through the use of light, Arden’s timber balustrades are designed to accentuate the qualities of each environment while creating a captivating effect of their own.

See some examples of our Timber Balustrade Designs

alt text goes here North Lakes Library
Combining several building media for an attractive timber balustrade result.
alt text goes here Telstra One Corporate Offices
Vast and angular timber facades dominate this space.

Design elements suiting timber balustrades

alt text V1 - Vertical timber battens on stainless steel frame
The use of wide vertical batten patterns is a classic design technique, introducing subtle optical rhythms into any space as perspective effects alter the apparent profile of the repetitive pattern