Steel balustrade

Strength and agility combine to form steel balustrades.
With the rigorous intent and stripped-down style of a gleaming modern express train, steel balustrades span long distances effortlessly, conveying a feeling of power as they go. A steel balustrade can curve, descend, or simply hold the aesthetic line — but in each case, they lend excitement and strength to every space they inhabit.

Years of meticulous observation have injected Arden’s expertly designed steel balustrades with energy and crisp style. Whether in office foyers, staircases, or lobby areas, Arden’s steel balustrades showcase their structural chops without weighing down the space.

See some examples of our Steel Balustrades

alt text goes here Cardno Corporate Offices
Rich timber hues and industrial steel climb through a column of glass.
alt text goes here Arup Corporate Offices
A dramatically detailed creation of steel and glass balustrading./span>

Design elements suiting steel balustrades

alt text H4 - Steel blade stanchions with glass panel infill
The H4 is defined by blade stanchions supporting glass panels at four points by stainless steel clasp-style patch fittings
alt text H6 - Half height blade stanchions with glass
Combining stainless steel half-height stanchions with structural toughened glass, the H6 system represents a strikingly modern balustrade design
alt text W4 - Winged steel blade stanchions supporting glass panels
The W4 stanchions are an implementation of a toughened glass balustrade solution incorporating the PF10/PF12 Arden system patch fittings on horizontal outriggers