Stainless steel balustrade

Stainless steel balustrades encapsulate sleek precision.
Modernity embraces clean execution and efficiency. While stainless steel balustrades are unquestionably modern, they are also beautiful. Their highly reflective surfaces enable vivid interactions with light, creating the appearance of movement. The stainless steel can be coupled with different materials, including glass, or coloured metal.

Arden’s innovative installations utilize stainless steel balustrades to produce visually captivating structures, including the stairs in the entry foyer of the Da Vinci Precinct. Arden’s portfolio of stainless steel balustrading work always accents the balustrade while simultaneously complimenting the form of the staircase and its spatial environment.

See some examples of our Stainless Steel Balustrade Designs

alt text goes here MacMahon Corporate Offices
Contrast emphasises a simple balustrade design using stainless steel.
alt text goes here South Side Industrial Warehouse
A versatile and contemporary balustrade design that incorporates stainless steel.

Design elements suiting stainless steel balustrades

alt text C4 - Steel SHS stanchions with glass panel infill
The Arden C4 balustrade system offers the flexibility and simplicity to complement almost any staircase and balustrade configuration, resulting in a clean, crisp and modern finish
alt text C8 - Steel SHS stanchions supporting glass panel infill
Stainless steel SHS stanchions support glass infill panels on through-glass patch-fittings in this design
alt text H8 - Full-height blade stanchions with glass
Combining full height stainless steel stanchions with structural toughened glass, the H8 system represents a striking and elegant balustrade design