Form 15 balustrade certification

Commercial balustrades require Form 15 certification.
All commercial balustrade installations in Australia require Form 15 certification. The form must be completed by a qualified and licensed engineer, and clearly describe all structural elements used in the process. Residential balustrades require a separate form.

Arden’s commercial balustrades are designed to fully comply with all BCA codes and BSA requirements, which makes the completion of Form 15 a relatively simple process. Depending on the client’s wishes, Arden may recommend an independent engineer, or work with a client’s appointed engineer or project manager to successfully complete Form 15 balustrade certification.

See some examples of our Certified Balustrades

alt text goes here Tarong Energy Corporate Offices
A structure of elegance and grace.
We do not have a Design Element specifically for balustrade certification. See our gallery of Contemporary Balustrades