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With the rigorous intent and stripped-down style of a gleaming modern express train, steel balustrades span long distances effortlessly, conveying a feeling of power as they go. A steel balustrade can curve, descend, or simply hold the aesthetic line — but in each case, they lend excitement and strength to every space they inhabit.

Years of meticulous observation have injected Arden’s expertly designed steel balustrades with energy and crisp style. Whether in office foyers, staircases, or lobby areas, Arden’s steel balustrades showcase their structural chops without weighing down the space.
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Folded metal balustrade

Powerful and opaque, a folded metal balustrade creates unmitigated form.
Many heavily travelled spaces need to appear solid without looking inflexible. Folded metal balustrades offer precision in a muscular yet sleek form. The opaque nature of the metal creates canyons, walls, and other solid elements that are suited for guiding the movement of crowds.

Arden’s folded metal balustrade at the Queensland Tennis Centre showcases how the firm’s use of bold materials beneficially impacts circulation. In each folded metal balustrade installation, Arden’s sculptural prowess is on display, directing the flow of movement while providing a vividly attenuated passage.

See some examples of our Folded Metal Balustrades

alt text goes here Queensland Tennis Centre
Proportionally significant, this folded metal balustrade is powerful in design.

Design elements suiting folded metal balustrades

alt text S1 - Twin plate stanchions supporting folded metal panels
Utilising folded plate as balustrade infill rather than the more common glass panel provides an opportunity to showcase the potential elegance of powder-coated or painted mild steel