External balustrade

Rain-beaded, windswept, and sun-dappled external balustrades combine safety and style.
From a third-story balcony to a grand first floor entrance, external balustrades act as visually compelling guides and protectors. Designed to withstand the weather while retaining their meticulously delineated form, external balustrades balance decorative concerns with an impermeable structural integrity.

Whether incorporating Balinese style or contemporary modern design, Arden’s external balustrades compliment both their structural and natural environments. Each of Arden’s external balustrade installations maximizes the surrounding views, whether at the State Library of Queensland or as part of an award-winning resort style home in the Hinterland.

See some examples of our External Balustrades

alt text goes here Oceanic Construction's - Home of The Year
Bali by design, this external balustrade is a study in resort living.

Design elements suiting external balustrades

alt text V1 - Vertical timber battens on stainless steel frame and stanchions
The use of wide vertical batten patterns is a classic design technique, introducing subtle optical rhythms into any space as perspective effects alter the apparent profile of the repetitive pattern
alt text C8 - Steel SHS stanchions supporting glass panel infill
Stainless steel SHS stanchions support glass infill panels on through-glass patch-fittings in this design
alt text F8 - Through glass patch fittings
In many architectural contexts, the balustrade is required to maximise light, space and transparency