Custom balustrade

From precise lines to sensuous curves, custom balustrade design encompasses it all.
Some people prefer a slight angle, others a sweeping curve, and still others the regulated autonomy of ninety-degree angles. Whatever your preference, a custom balustrade should always be an expression of your particular design sensibility.

From sinuous wooden balustrades atop residential floors to commercial grade glass and steel assemblies, Arden’s custom balustrades grace every environment with their creativity and inventive spirit. Arden’s custom balustrades always seem to be both an organic outgrowth of their setting and a refined way of observing multiple points of view.

See some examples of our Custom Balustrades

alt text goes here Oceanic Construction's - Home of The Year
A custom Bali inspired balustrade design, a study in resort living.
alt text goes here North Brisbane Residence 02
A striking geometric stair and balustrade design.

Design elements suiting custom balustrades

alt text V1 - Vertical timber battens on stainless steel
The use of wide vertical batten patterns is a classic design technique, introducing subtle optical rhythms into any space as perspective effects alter the apparent profile of the repetitive pattern
alt text G1 - Fully framed glass panels
design element text goes here
alt text G2 - Semi framed steel and glass balustrade
The G2 semi-frameless balustrade design is one of the most elegant balustrade formats in the Arden catalogue