Curved balustrade

From spirals to sprawling ovals, Arden’s curved balustrades seem to glide.
Whether incorporating steel, wood, or glass, curved balustrades create a flowing visual line in each installation. With both interior and exterior applications, curved balustrades emphasize the shape of their underlying forms.

Designing and shaping curved balustrades to appear seamless is one of Arden’s specialties. The firm has mastered the difficulties inherent in creating specified curvature in material which must be worked carefully in order to produce what appear to be uninterrupted curves. This seemingly uninterrupted flow appears in numerous installations, such as the Sunshine Coast Residence.

See some examples of our Curved Balustrades

alt text goes here Euromarque Automotive Showroom
A sinuous ribbon of glass balustrade winds delicately around a dramatic curved steel tower.
alt text goes here Flow Residential Apartments
A floating white ribbon.
We do not have a Design Element specifically for curved balustrades. See our gallery of Curved Balustrades