Contemporary balustrade

Sophisticated materials converge to create contemporary balustrades.
Frenetic, compelling and always beautiful, contemporary balustrades innovatively push the boundaries of design while defining the limits of a space.

Arden’s commitment to pioneering new design is especially evident in its roster of contemporary balustrades. No two spaces are exactly alike, either in size, mood, or material, a challenge which spurs the firm to create unique balustrade installations. Whether in a forward thinking office or a private domestic realm, Arden’s contemporary balustrades are incisive conglomerates of vivid materiality and creative form that inspire excitement.

See some examples of our Contemporary Balustrade Designs

alt text goes here AECOM Corporate Office
A study in corporate sophistication is achieved with this contemporary balustrade design.
alt text goes here QIC Corporate Offices
A contemporary balustrade structure of contradiction and personality.

Design elements suiting contemporary balustrades

alt text H6 - Half-height blade stanchions with glass
Combining stainless steel half-height stanchions with structural toughened glass, the H6 system represents a strikingly modern balustrade design
alt text F8 - Through glass patch fittings supporting cantilevered glass
In many architectural contexts, the balustrade is required to maximise light, space and transparency
alt text W4 - Winged steel blade stanchions supporting glass panels
The W4 stanchions are an implementation of a toughened glass balustrade solution incorporating the PF10/PF12 Arden system patch fittings on horizontal outriggers