Classic balustrade

Classic balustrades embody structural refinement and character.
The basic elements of a classic balustrade consist of stanchions, handrails, and panels made from select materials. The basic style of a classic balustrade is a mixture of lightness, openness, and visual power.

Throughout dozens of installations, Arden has distilled its classic balustrade design. Arden’s design process enriches these spaces by being perfect in each detail. Complimentary without being passive, sweeping without being domineering, structurally precise without being unimaginative, Arden’s classic balustrade adds security and definition to each space, inviting appreciation of its surroundings without compromising its own integral beauty.

See some examples of our Classic Balustrades

alt text goes here Cardno Corporate Offices
Rich timber hues and industrial steel climb through a column of glass.
We do not have a Design Element specifically for classic balustrades. See our gallery of Traditional Balustrades