Cantilevered balustrade

Cantilevered glass balustrades provide uninterrupted lines of sight.
Cantilevered glass balustrades are supported without the benefit of stanchions by being fixed to the floor or the surface of a void cavity edge. With virtually no hardware except for a handrail, light passes easily through the glass, making the balustrades perfect for settings that prize uninterrupted views.

Arden has years of experience seamlessly integrating cantilevered glass balustrades into the firm’s numerous installations. With clients including the Arrow Energy Corporate Offices, Arden has mastered the technique of balancing structural integrity with elegantly articulated cantilevering.

See some examples of our Cantilevered Balustrades

alt text goes here Arrow Energy Corporate Offices
A centrepiece of stacked timber boxes, shiplap lining and cantilvered glass balustrading.
alt text goes here AECOM Corporate Office
A study in corporate sophistication, using cantilevered glass balustrading.

Design elements suiting cantilevered balustrades

alt text C4 - Steel SHS stanchions with glass panel infill
The Arden C4 balustrade system offers the flexibility and simplicity to complement almost any staircase and balustrade configuration, resulting in a clean, crisp and modern finish
alt text F0 - Glazing channel cantilevered glass
The F0 cantilevered glass design allows boundaries to be defined with minimal interruption to the visual aesthetics of a build