Balustrade safety

Balustrade safety enables you to get an excellent grip while taking in the exceptional view.
Balustrade safety has two main parts. Structural integrity plays a significant role in balustrade safety, influencing the selection of material and how each component relates to the other. However, the placement of these elements is also governed by how people will interact with the balustrade, especially the handrail.

Arden’s balustrades are designed to conform to all relevant technical BCA building codes without sacrificing high aesthetic standards. Arden understands that balustrade safety is also about anticipating how people will approach and use an element.

See some examples of Balustrade Safety

alt text goes here Capalaba Cinema Staircase
A simple and practicle stair and balustrade design.
alt text goes here Abigroup Corporate Offices
Solidly contrasting steel on timber.
We do not have a Design Element specifically for balustrade safety. See our gallery of Commercial Balustrades