Balustrade fabrication

Innovative balustrade fabrication incorporates both exposed and concealed elements.
Design limitations are often more mental than physical. Balustrade fabrication has numerous configurations that can use concealed elements, such as floor fixed stanchions with concealed base-plates, that allow for heavier design loads without creating an unpleasant visual impact.

Arden has invented or refined several balustrade fabrication techniques that create stunning and unique installations. Each technique is structurally safe. Arden’s balustrade fabrication in the Sciacca Lawyers Office is a demonstration of both these observable and hidden elements combining to create a strong and appealing final form.

See some examples of our Fabricated Balustrades

alt text goes here Canturi Jewellers
Black and curvaceous, an elegant balustrade creation.
We do not have a Design Element specifically for balustrade fabrication. See our gallery of Industrial Balustrades