BCA compliant balustrade

All the materials comprising a BCA compliant balustrade must be fabricated and installed properly.
The Building Code of Australia contains several explicit codes regulating the size, thickness, fabrication technique and durability of each of the individual materials used in balustrades. The code also requires balustrades to be accessible and to aid in mobility.

Arden’s design work only features BCA compliant balustrades. The firm’s dedication to producing the highest quality balustrades has informed all technical aspects of design, from the material selection to the fabrication and joinery. One of Arden’s talents lies in producing unusually compelling BCA compliant balustrades.

See some examples of our Compliant Balustrades

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Offering maximum openness for this compliant balustrade.
We do not have a Design Element specifically for BCA compliant balustrades. See our gallery of Modern Balustrades