Architectural balustrade

An architectural balustrade incorporates quality, style, and innovation.
Complex structural techniques, such as cantilevering, produce exceptional architectural balustrades. Different materials and degrees of transparency influence how light interacts with the balustrade, and can amplify either qualities of openness or a more solid structural form.

From the QIC Corporate Offices to the State Library of Queensland, Arden’s architectural balustrades incisively inform and reflect upon their environments. Using design techniques amassed through years of experience, Arden’s architectural balustrades are consistently striking and inventive.

See some examples of our Architectural Balustrade Projects

Steel staircase Cardno corporate offices
Rich timber hues and industrial steel climb through a column of glass in this architectural balustrade design.
Modern staircase Da Vinci Precinct - Industrial Development Offices
Dramatic design of glass, steel and timber.

Design elements suiting office style balustrades

Steel staircase C4: Steel SHS stanchions with glass panel infill on clasps
The Arden C4 balustrade system offers the flexibility and simplicity to complement almost any staircase and balustrade configuration, resulting in a clean, crisp and modern finish.
Modern staircase H6: Half-height steel blades with glass
Combining stainless steel half-height stanchions with structural toughened glass, the H6 system represents a strikingly modern balustrade design.