AS 1428.1 compliant balustrade

Arden’s balustrades adhere to BSA code AS 1428.1, making them accessible for everyone.
AS 1428.1 specifies the requirements for a balustrade design that enables access and mobility for all, including children and the disabled.

Arden’s 1428.1 compliant balustrades have easy to grip handrails that provide an uninterrupted, continuous line for greater mobility. The handrails are situated so that both children and disabled persons can hold on to them without exerting unnecessary strain. By facilitating movement and access, Arden’s 1428.1 compliant balustrades are perfect for commercial or public settings where a varied cross-section of the population regularly convenes.

See some examples of our Compliant Balustrades

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Glazed glass balustrading adds finesse and style.
We do not have a Design Element specifically for AS 1428.1 compliant balustrades. See our gallery of Custom Balustrades