AS 1288 compliant balustrade

AS 1288 compliant balustrades meet the selection and installation criteria of glass in buildings.
For those balustrades that incorporate glass, the AS 1288 code specifies the thickness and type of glass. Toughened or laminated glass infill panels, with a minimum thickness of 8 millimeters, usually satisfy the requirements of the code. The glass may have rounded or tipped corners.

Arden has designed each of its glass balustrade elements to meet the provisions set forth in the AS 1288 code. Arden’s AS 1288 compliant balustrades evince a cleanly articulated design sensibility that makes them both beautiful and safe.

See some examples of our Compliant Balustrading

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Everything about this compliant staircase is big.
We do not have a Design Element specifically for AS 1288 compliant balustrades. See our gallery of Architectural Balustrades