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Balustrades create elegant spatial boundaries while providing reliable structural support.
Partially a vantage point, partially a discreet wall, balustrades effectively frame the spaces in which we live and work. A well-designed balustrade can significantly amplify the look of a space by clearly defining its spatial boundaries while adding a sleek, yet solid, physical dimension. Alternatively, glass balustrades can literally disappear into the wood work by virtue of cantilevering. Arden’s numerous balustrade installations in libraries, corporate offices, and homes demonstrate the incredible adaptability of this design element, and its inherent ability to highlight the best aspects of its surroundings.
From the commercial to the contemporary, balustrades provide striking vantage points and exquisitely defined boundaries.
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The interplay of light with different materials, such as timber, glass, and steel, creates the opportunity for a singular visual impression.
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Location, curvature, and the artful suspension of cantilevering impact the design and implementation of balustrades.
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From creating original designs to completing all necessary certification and satisfying mobility requirements, Arden spans the full range of balustrade services.
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