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The Process of Remote Installation

Arden's innovative staircase installations can possibly be realized anywhere in the world.
In an era in which geography is no longer a hindrance to real-time communication, installing a staircase from separate continents is an increasingly popular reality. Arden Architectural Staircases prefers to have one senior member of its team supervise the remote installation in person. However, all the design and fabrication work can take place in Australia. Arden usually reserves a shipping container to transport the fabricated components. Depending on the scale of the project, this shipping method is highly cost-effective. The remote client can hire qualified local labourers who meet Arden’s standards, or pay travel expenses for the firm’s hand-picked team. During the design process, Arden considers the potential impact of local laws, buildings codes and other regulations. The firm’s initial quote includes a complete set of work-shop drawings and a 3D model based on an exact measure of the client’s space. The quote also includes travel expenses for one experienced supervisor. The client may choose to have the components fabricated by a third party, with Arden offering consultation services as needed. Within Australia, Arden representatives visit capital cities on a regular fortnightly basis to consult with clients and conduct site measures. The firm has a fleet of heavy vehicles to transport installation crews and all associated tools, fabricated components, and materials. For information on when Arden will next be in your area, please contact us directly. Arden’s expertise in custom staircase installations translates well across borders. Interested parties are invited to peruse Arden’s online portfolio.

Published on: 17-Sep-2010. Topic/s: Technical and architectural product information